Helles Yeah Lager

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We start with the moment. That surf sesh in the green room, that hike at sunset, those night time jams by the camp fire - and we can it! This beer is all class. Medium bodied, mild and malty sweetness, with a low upfront bitterness and noble hop aromas. A bright, pale lager with a cool, fresh finish. Crack open an ice cold ‘helles yeah’ for good times.

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Helles Yeah took home a gold medal in the Lager category at this years IBA Indies.

Perennial Fresh-Hopped Rye IPA


We've partnered with Ryefield Hops to release  “Perennial”, a freshly hopped limited edition small batch Rye IPA, created with a “garden-to-glass” philosophy. 

The fresh Chinook hop cones used in this beer were family grown on the NSW Far South Coast in Bemboka and picked less than 24 hours prior to being added to the brew. The Perennial will be released annually using fresh hops.

The Perennial is an approachable IPA with firm upfront bitterness, backed up with strong resinous piney flavour and aroma. An easy drinking IPA, with dry finish that reveals hints of spice from the Rye malt. Crafted using Gladfield, New Zealand's finest malt, this is the first of many fresh hopped beers from Beer Creative.


Ryefield Hops

The farm is designed and developed using permaculture principles with a spray-free philosophy. The hops yard is designed to maximise rainfall events by integrating swale drains along the contours above the mounds, using organic compost sourced from a worm farm in Canberra that collects commercial and residential waste, and no-waste policy with all foliage fed to the beef cattle on the property.

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Einstein Schwarzbier

Einstein Schwarzbier

The first beer of the Beer Creative Genius Series. This is an approachable dark beer which is sessionable and easy drinking. Medium to light bodied with a slight bit of roastiness and slight hop aroma. This beer features a home brew twist with the addition of the "Cry Havok" yeast cultured by the Godfather of Home Brewing Charlie Papazian. This yeast was apparently found in a Budweiser keg 20 odd years ago and cultured over time to be able to ferment at both ale and lager temperatures. This beer may or may not raise your I.Q.

Shanti Shanti: Sticky-Chai Blonde


Sticky-Chai Blonde Ale - ABV 6% 

An Aussie take on the Belgian Classic Style. Hand crafted with honey and steeped in sticky chai during the Whirlpool, we fermented this beer with Belgian ale yeast at temperatures to encourage clove esters. Then gassed with Nitrogen to give a silky latte mouthfeel. Clovey with a golden dry finish and dusted with cinnamon.

Acan: Acai Berry & Cocao Oatmeal Stout


Acai Berry & Cocoa Oatmeal Stout - ABV 5.5%

Named after the South American God of Fermented Beverages, ACAN is a breakfast beer charged with ancient superfoods. This oatmeal stout is one with a tribal difference. A jungle mix of acai berries and cocoa nibs. A beer fit for a shaman or any lover of plant medicines. A dry finish, packed full of earthy flavours and chocolaty goodness.