Einstein Launch

Public House Petersham
From 12pm 4th June 2016

Join us as we celebrate the launch our very first beer. Einstein Batch #0001. This is the first commercial brew we have done under the Beer Creative Banner. Einstein is Shwarzbier, a Dark German Style Lager with a home brew twist. This day is a time to thank those around us for the support over the last couple of years and to celebrate being one step closer to a dream in the making. 



Ever wondered what that lingering flavour was in your beer and how it got there? 

Join us for round #2 of Sensory Training. We will be delving into a further 12 beer off flavours. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to sample the off flavour and evaluate it before the off flavour being revealed and explained. We will be conducting the training using official training kits from Siebel Institute of Technology. 

You will receive a sample of each of the off flavours as well as a top up of your un dosed "control" beer throughout the evening. 


SENSORY TRAINING Sydney Craft Beer Week


Know Your Off Flavours

WED 21st OCTOBER 7-10pm

Ever wondered what that lingering flavour was in your beer and how it got there?

Join us for an evening of palate training as we dose your drinks with some off flavours, explain how that flavour appeared and possibly how to save that next batch gone wrong. 

This will be an Official Siebel Institute of Technology training of a selection of 12 off flavours with a bonus round of DMS. 

The training will include:
Diacetyl, Isovaleric Acid, Ethyl Accetate, Acetic Acid, Indole, Papery, Metallic, Caprylic Acid, Acetaldehyde, Grainy, Mercaptan, Butyric Acid and DMS. 

Whether your in industry and want to brush up your palate, train your tasting bar and brewery staff or a keen home brewer seeking some extra knowledge, this is an event not to be missed.