Beer Creative V3.0

What it is today  

Beer Creative is a Collective Brewing Company which operates under an iterative, rapid prototyping and design thinking methodology. We come together as a collective of home brewers under the one banner to create unique small batch creations which are quality controlled, critiqued and modified by the College Faculty. We aim to produce quality beers and provide the resources and skill sharing to those passionate about beer and looking to join the global craft beer revolution. 

How It All Began

Beer Creative has taken many forms over the years since it began as a blog when I was back in design college. I used it as a resource to keep all my designs and process from college. I also used to show process and design for beers I would create for a gallery in Redfern called "The Commercial" which would showcase a different artist each month. I would contact the artist a month prior to their show and design the beers based on the design thinking we did together. The beer would always reflect the artist and the show they would have at the gallery for that month. My favourite beer was a beer I made for Alaska Projects for a show inspired by Janis Joplin. The beer was Called "Crude Oil" and was dosed with Janis's favourite drop, Wild Turkey and infused with pop corn.  

Meeting Agi Gajic 

After college I decided to pursue my interests in beer and started a job at Young Henry's Newtown where I met my good friend Agnes (Agi Gajic). Agi had just recently moved to Sydney from Perth where she spent time working at Gage Roads Brewery. Agi and I instantly bonded over our love of beer and set out in our spare time dreaming up beer recipes. 

Agi and I one day borrowed our mate Von Brews' Braumeister to brew a batch of Pumpkin Ale. Unfortunately there was a miscommunication that occurred about us using the Braumeister and the kit was to be returned immediately. 

We were then facing a pickle... We had no equipment to brew the level of quality beers that we were striving to create. 


Pink Boots Grant

We heard about the pink boots grant somewhere along the hop vine and thought it would be a great opportunity to get the much needed funds to get the equipment we needed. We also thought that there were potentially others out there that may be in the same shituation (a shit situation). We devised a plan that if we were granted the funds we would create a space where other brewers could share the kit and be apart of a collective which would potentially act as a bridge to kickstart other craft brewing companies.  

We were successful in our grant application and began the process of designing our dream kit. The brief we had created for ourselves was to design something that would mimic a commercial system. The thought process around this was so that any home brewer who learnt on our system could essentially transfer their skills to a large commercial system without issues. 

Meeting Ben Kinsey

We heard about Ben Kinsey (Benos) through our mate Matty Charles who referred to him as Brew In A Bag Ben. This guy was an essential part to the build, conceptualisation and culture that we have established within Beer Creative early on. Ben Kinsey is not only a great brewer and beer lover but also a licensed plumber and electrician. We learned so much working with Ben and would have not been able to achieve the quality of build that we achieved on our system without him. Benos has recently quit his job working as an electrician and has now followed his passion for craft beer by joining the Brew Team at Young Henrys. 


Designing and building the brew kit

Once we knew we had the funds to build our system we began planning what system we could build within the budget of the grant. We ended up building a hybrid RIMS / HERMS System. We will post a plan and designs for our system and walk you through the process of the build.


Assembling the Faculty

We gave a call out to brewers through emails that we had collected through the Vic's Home Brew Comp. A few people turned out on the day and I was able to go through our vision for Beer Creative. The vision that was shared with the group has since changed and evolved but our core purpose still remains the same and we have stayed true to it. 

The people that turned out on the day ended up becoming the core group that is now the faculty of Beer Creative today. 


I have tried to tell as much of the BC story so far in this post but we will go into more detail as we share more of our story.