Our Story

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In 2012, Rix (The Dean) was working at Young Henry's, an up and coming craft brewery in Newtown Sydney. After living in San Francisco for the 4 previous years, Rix grew an interest in brewing after being exposed to the craft beer industry in the states and seeing first hand the creativity and growth of the industry, alongside the tech boom in San Francisco. On Rix’s return to Sydney, she decided to study design, a subject that she believed was the key to making a positive difference in the world, and scored a part time job at (Young Henrys, Sydney more recognised craft breweries) to fund herself whilst studying. It was here Rix forged many relationships with Sydney’s brewers, where they would share knowledge of the craft of brewing high quality beers.

At design college Rix decided to start a blog dedicated to beer as a deliberate attempt to blend an assignment with her new passion for beer. The blog became a testing ground for a Beer college, with the vision of founding a community of homebrewers, who would work together to rapid prototype, critique and iterate unique beers that told unique stories.

In 2014, Rix and Agi (another YH brewer, now head brewer of Sparkke Brewery) applied for a grant from Pink Boots Society, a female organisation with the mission to assist, inspire and encourage women beer industry professionals to advance their careers through education. With the reward, Agi and Rix designed and hand built a micro brew kit that would allow the duo to scale any of their recipes to an industrial system, and at the same time the duo managed to secure a space to house the kit in the back shed of Public House Petersham, a local pub.  


It wasn't long before Sydney’s home brewers heard that there was a space where brewers could meet, test and prototype any of their weird and wonderful recipes and alcoholic ideas. We would host events and hold trainings where we could open the door and share our passion for science, water, creativity and ideas. It was here where the Beer Creative Faculty was formed.

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As the vision grew the faculty naturally changed form. Beer’s were created, tested, and the best became classics, each telling a unique story. We secured a wholesale licence allowing us to share our beers with some of our favourite venues and retailers and became known as one of Sydney’s most creative homebrew collectives.


"Tom from the Art Department, individual packaging for beer, each telling a unique story? Could show some of the Breakfast beer series?"


Our Ethos

We believe everything speaks, meaning every decision has an impact. We strive for the highest quality product and are committed to working with people who also share this same philosophy. Our brewers… and our supplies… Link this in with Voyager Malts and Ryefield hops? Need something here


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Future Vision…

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