Meet the Faculty:



Agi fell in love with the elixir that is craft beer while spending many years pouring them behind a bar. After finishing her studies in Sustainable Development, she realised that brewing and sustainability should go hand in hand. Following this epiphany, Agi spent years hassling breweries until one of them gave her a job. She has been working as a brewer at Young Henry's since January 2014 and won one of the first Australian Pink Boots Grants in May 2014. 

Hop of Choice: Galaxy


MATT HOLLAND / Beaver Brau

As has been the typical journey for so many, back in 2013 Matt became hooked on big hoppy American style IPAs and got tired of paying $20 for a longneck! Thus began the brewing obsession. Since then, Matt has been stovetop brewing in various locations throughout the Inner West. Upon competing in the Vic on the Park’s Homebrew Masters in 2015, the BeaverBrau brand was born and Matt’s apartment has been churning out a steady supply of ale ever since.  

Hop of Choice:  Simcoe


ROSS EVERET / Devil's Isle Brewing

Hailing from Bermuda and England, Ross has mixed a love of travel and beer for many years. However it wasn't until moving to Australia and missing English Bitter, that he decided to try home brewing. Starting with an all grain beginners kit and a 'Homebrewing for Dummies' book, a hobby quickly became an addiction. Determined to master his own recipes, experiment with different styles and collaborate with as many like minded brewers as possible the exploration of beer is likely to continue. 

Hop of Choice: Mosaic


JADE MCMANUS / Weather Station Brewing

Jade has always enjoyed and appreciated beer and was always a fan of a ‘green’ coopers back in the day.  She spent a year in the States during this era where her world was opened up to craft beer, since then she has loved sampling the evolution of the Australian craft beer industry.  Now, after a few years spent in the Australian desert, she has been introduced and is keenly involved in the fine art of brewing.

Hop of Choice:  Azacca

STEVE ROWE / Bolt Action Brewing

Steve studied Industrial Chemistry at university and it was here that his beer career started. During a uni field trip to the then Tooheys brewery in Sydney, it was love at first sight! Dabbling in home brewing with the fairly limited extract kits began shortly after. For the last eight years Steve has been all grain brewing on a Frankenbrew system made from bits and pieces that have been found either at auctions or dumped on the side of the road. Steve enjoys German Hefeweissen, Southern German Lager, and American Pale Ales but is still searching for the perfect is a great search!

Hop of Choice: Amarillo


RIX LEE / Shanti Shanti Brewing Co.

Rix has always loved beer but fell in love with Craft Beer after spending time living in San Francisco. The urge to try her hand at the mash paddle came about after a trip to Brooklyn during the fall and becoming hooked on Pumpkin Ale. Now Rix's beer journey is taking a new turn with inspiration from Shamanic Culture and Ancient Civilisations. She spends time researching healing herbs and ways to access the purest water possible. 

Hop of Choice: Cascade